Journey to a Zero Waste Life


Last week, I posted about receiving my first Terracycle box and  embarking on my first major step to a zero waste life. Terracycle is a great company that not only works to recycle or upcycle items they receive, but also partners with other companies to help reduce waste.

But, with the cheapest boxes being about $70, participating in Terracycle isn't an option for many people. Yes, it can take quite a while to fill a box, but you still need to shell out the $70/$90/$150 at once, which just isn't possible for many individuals looking to use Terracycle's services.

So today, I'm going to discuss 3 ways you can participate in Terracycle while making it more affordable.

  1. Pool together friends, neighbors, and family. If you have some friends, family members, or neighbors who might be interested in participating in the Terracycle program, ask them if they'd like to go in on a box with you. Let's say you can get 4 other people to join in, so you'd be splitting the cost of a box between 5 people. The small All In One Box, which would normally cost $199, would cost $40/person. The small Bathroom Separation Box, which normally costs $120, would cost $24/person. This would be great for a neighborhood as well!
  2. Get your workplace/office on board. You can either pool among your coworkers, or try to get your company to purchase one for employees to use. The Office Supplies Box, Shipping Materials Box, Ink & Toner Box, and Break Room Separation Box would all be great ideas to try to get introduced to your workplace. And who knows, your company might receive good publicity and new consumers in the process!
  3. Reach out to local business & schools. Approach your beauty salon, car mechanic, elementary school, pet shop, etc. and ask if they'd consider purchasing a Terracycle box to encourage customers to recycle their hard-to-recycle items. For example, your local pet shop could purchase a Pet Food Packaging box for customers to drop off their empty pet food containers when they come in to purchase more. An eye doctor/eyeglass store might put out an Eyewear box for customers to recycle their old glasses. The possibilities are endless. Not every business will agree, but it's worth approaching them. Even if 1 business takes part in Terracycle, think about how much waste you've helped to get out of a landfill!

Have you used Terracycle before? What are some ways you helped cut down on cost? Do you have any other ideas on how to get Terracycle boxes more accessible to your community?

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