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A lot has been happening lately! I'm beyond excited to share with you that A Prophecy Fulfilled has an official release date scheduled for December 9th!

It's an incredible feeling knowing that my second series is complete, and the days are slowly ticking away until A Prophecy Fulfilled's release!

When I started writing The Lost Heir seven years ago, I never dreamed that pretty soon I'd have six books under my name. It's been an exciting and rewarding journey, and I've been lucky to have the continued support from my husband and friends which have helped to make it all possible.

Although I stumbled upon this career by accident, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's marvelous to be able to create worlds and characters that readers fall in love with, and I'm excited for everything yet to come!

But enough of the sentimental crap! Let's get to the fun stuff!

I have a couple of exciting announcements to make regarding A Prophecy Fulfilled!


  1. The release party for A Prophecy Fulfilled is scheduled for Dec. 9th from 11am - 9pm Eastern! There will be FB Live sessions, video readings, fun games, Q&A sessions, and giveaways! Plus, there will be some incredible guest authors, including DL Young, SF Benson, Ian Healy, and AL Kessler. What's even better is that it's online, so you can party with us from anywhere! Check out the full schedule of events HERE!
  2. A Prophecy Fulfilled is available for pre-order on Kindle! Be sure to grab your copy today! (Pre-orders for the hardbacks will be coming soon!)

I hope to see you at the party! ~Andi

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