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A Prophecy Fulfilled is coming this Sunday, Dec. 9th, and we're partying on Facebook!

Grab your favorite drink, and join us from the comfort of your home as we celebrate the release of A Prophecy Fulfilled on Dec. 9th from 11am to 9pm Eastern! There will be readings, giveaways, FB live sessions, Q&A sessions, and more! Guest authors will include, DL Young, Bridgette O'Hare, SF Benson, and Ian Healy!

FULL SCHEDULE (all times in Eastern)

11:00 am: FB Live with Andi! (welcome & Prophecy Fulfilled unveiling) Video of PF behind the scenes. GIVEAWAY: Silevethiel eBook!

12:00 pm: Guest Author: DL Young

1:00 pm: Andi: Video reading from PF, line game, and GIVEAWAY: PF eBook

2:00 pm: Guest Author: Ian Healy

3:00 pm: Andi: Q&A, Game: How Would You Write A Prophecy Fulfilled? GIVEAWAY: Signed copy of A Prophecy Fulfilled.

5:00 pm: Guest Author: AL Kessler

6:00 pm: Guest Author: SF Benson

7:00 pm: Andi: FB Live Embrace Your Crazy and video reading from PF. GIVEAWAY: signed copies of entire Vaelinel series!

8:00 pm: Guest Author: Bridgette O'Hare

9:00 pm: Andi: FB Live! (closing words) Thank you for coming! 🙂

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