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A little while ago, I shared an update on the progress for the audio book for The Lost Heir. After having to end the contract with the first producer, I had just put it back up on ACX to accept auditions.

Well, I got some great auditions and found the perfect producer! He expertly caught the feel and the intensity, and his character portrayals for Darrak, Andillrian, Garenth, and Mionee were exactly what I'd envisioned.

I'm so excited for him to be the producer for the entire Dragonath series! He's got a couple other projects to finish before mine, but I'll keep you posted when we get started.

If that isn't exciting enough, I've got more audio news to share with you. When listening to one of the auditions I received for The Lost Heir, my husband said that he thought the one producer would be perfect for the Vaelinel series. I was so focused on Dragonath, that it hadn't crossed my mind, but my Honeybee was right!

I asked the producer if he'd be interested in doing the audio books for the Vaelinel series, and he said yes! The contract for Silevethiel is signed, and the wonderful Dan Caldwell has already begun work on the project. I listened to the 1st 15 minutes this morning, and let me tell you, I can't wait for the book to be available for you guys!

Do you listen to audio books? What do you like best about them?

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