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AUTHOR TOOLKIT: Software Edition

Welcome to the software edition of my author toolkit! I don't have as many tools in this kit as I did in the first, but I've still found some pieces of software to be helpful. (And not so helpful!)

  • Writing Software: Microsoft Word
    • Many authors use Scrivener, and I used to do the same. For five out of my six books, I used Scrivener, and I honestly found it to be more maddening than helpful. I like to take notes by hand, not on the computer, or in Scrivener, so the layout was more of a hindrance than a help. I've since gone back to Microsoft Word for my next book, and it's exactly what I need. It's simple, easy to use, and doesn't give me any added frustrations!
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • While I don't design my own covers (they're done by Damonza.com) I do need a photo editing program for social media & promotional reasons, and Adobe Photoshop works perfectly for what I need. It has great brush tools as well as a pretty useful photoshop color wheel, making it easy for me to edit what I need. I don't use it for anything fancy, but I can make simple promotional posters and whatnot for the Cons I'll be attending, as well as the featured images for my blog.
  • Video Editing: WonderShare
    • I've recently started getting into creating more videos for my Author Tube channel, and I've been using the video editing software WonderShare. I don't do hugely elaborate videos, and just needed something to edit out unwanted frames. It works well, was easy to figure out, and isn't expensive.
  • Adobe Spark
    • Another photo editing tool I use, which I've found to be excellent for different social media platforms, is Adobe Spark. It's VERY easy to use and create beautiful images without needing to be an artist or an expert on Photoshop!

What's in your author software toolkit? Have you used any of these programs? What works the best for you?

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