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I recently had the pleasure of reading Time Phantom: Amsterdam by Randy Anderson for the International Review of Books. Check out my review below!

Rating: 4 stars

Time Phantom: Amsterdam is the first book in Randy Anderson’s Time Phantom series. On his 50th birthday, Dane Vanderbrouk is in Amsterdam mulling over his recent divorce, when his life takes a drastic turn. He’s thrust into a reality of time travel, where the direction and time he travels is determined by his movements. While struggling to determine what exactly he is, and fleeing from an assassin sent from a mysterious agency that exists far in the future, Dane finds himself on a mission to alter the future by changing the past. But he soon discovers that it's much more complicated than anyone realized, and some of those he trusted aren't what they seemed.

Time Phantom: Amsterdam is an exciting and dramatic opening to Anderson’s Time Phantom series. With a refreshingly unique take on time travel, Anderson engages the reader from the first page and pulls them into a world of multiple realities, exceptional characters, and a suspenseful plot that refuses to let go. Although there were some small information dumps while Dane learned more about his rare gift, Anderson avoided the long, drawn out, and often confusing scientific explanations that kill many science fiction novels and leave the readers perplexed and disinterested.

Aside from a few scenes of a seemingly separate plot interspersed throughout the book, Time Phantom: Amsterdam was a fast-paced and captivating read sure to delight lovers of science fiction, as well as anyone intrigued by time travel. Anderson is a gifted writer who expertly penned an electrifying novel that leaves readers craving more.

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