CHARACTER INSPIRATION: Adrielle, Goddess of Famine

For my next series, I'm stepping outside my Epic Fantasy comfort zone and entering the realm of Urban Fantasy. It's centered around four main characters, and I've had such a great time delving into their backgrounds!

To help with my inspiration and character development when writing, I've created a board on Pinterest for each character. It's been so helpful, and I'm launching a Character Inspiration series here on my blog to give you all an inside look into these amazing characters!

Your first glimpse is going to be Adrielle, the Goddess of Famine, and she's turning out to be one of the most complex characters of the four!

One of the gods charged with maintaining the Balance, Adrielle is tasked with controlling the famines throughout the world of men. But over the centuries, she's developed conflicting emotions about her role among the Balance, and indeed the Balance itself.

Where is the balance for the homeless man struggling to find his next meal? Or the woman who can't afford to feed herself as well as her children?

Wouldn't it be better to end their misery?

Adrielle is torn over the answers to her questions, but if she acts outside her designated areas, she'd be breaking the rules of the Balance.

Yet despite the ramifications she'd face if she acted outside her boundaries, Adrielle can't help but feel compassion for those she meets. She yearns to open up about her feelings with the rest of the gods, but such things are frowned upon. After all, immortals shouldn't have the needs and desires of men. The gods are expected to remain impartial, going about their duties without questions or emotions.

But Adrielle is finding great difficulty in living the solitary existence meant for her. She has a longing to need and be needed. She aches to be appreciated and loved. To share her concerns, hopes, and despairs.

But her simple desire will become her greatest weakness.

Check out Adrielle's board on Pinterest, or follow the pincode below to see what else I've got going on in the Pinterest world!

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