An African American male attending an all boy Catholic school in the heart of Philadelphia, Gaius had to learn to defend himself from an early age. Although pronounced GUY-us, the rest of his classmates saw fit to bully him, and his love of ballet, by taunting him with the name GAY-us.

Over the years, his father adopted the taunt, often screaming it during his many attempts to "beat the gay" out of his son. Gaius would go to ballet class the following day, tears streaming down his face when his instructor unknowingly touched his bruises while giving a correction.

Yet, despite all of the abuse and harassment he received, Gaius never once thought about quitting. If anything, the treatment caused him to push harder.

Ballet was his passion. He wanted to succeed. Not just for himself, but for all those who belittled him along the way. His efforts paid off, and he was hired as a corps member of the New York City Ballet.

But then, he meets Sperantia, and his life is turned upside down. For Gaius is the youngest of the gods in the Balance of Time. The God of Peace, he has to come to terms with the truth behind his identity and purpose among the world of men.

Photo is of Eric Underwood, soloist in the Royal Ballet, who served as my main visual inspiration for Gaius. Photo © Johan Persson.

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