CHARACTER INSPIRATION: Sperantia, Goddess of Hope

The first god to be created from the Balance of Time, and with the rest of the gods created from her, Sperantia is considered to be the mother of the gods. She has the closest link to the Balance and is often the one the others look to for advice and direction.

The Goddess of Hope, Sperantia's reach is further and more widespread than most of the other gods. Most among the world of men experience hope at some point in their lives. But while Sperantia is the one who provides that hope, she's also the one who decides if and when a mortal is devoid of hope.

Due to Sperantia's abilities and her closeness to the Balance, she is believed to be the most powerful. Although the gods are not encouraged to adopt the typical traits of mortals, jealousy is not a foreign concept among them. Two of the gods are becoming irritated at the limitations imposed upon them that are not demanded of Sperantia.

Their jealousy is beginning to disrupt the balance among the gods, but more importantly, it's threatening the stability and future of the world of men.

And Sperantia is at a loss for how to save them.

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