BOOK RELEASE: Retribution

Today’s the day that Retribution is released into the wild!

After Juriel’s victory against Kint, her brother can no longer unleash his vengeance upon the world, but at a time that should be full of relief and celebration, the Mé’Draak are in tatters.

Len is dead, a number of the Order are permanently disfigured, Ganmér remains enslaved in enemy’s lair, and with his favorite pet dead, Poular is preparing to strike.

Juriel must cast aside her insecurities and ready the Mé’Draak for war, but Ganmér’s fate haunts her every waking moment.

Can she put his life below the lives of hundreds of others? Can she leave him to die?


***Stay tuned for pre-order links and an event day schedule, including Instragram and Facebook Live events!***

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