Want to know more about me? Here are answers to some questions I'm frequently asked!

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  • Do you really write with a typewriter? Yes, I do! My current baby is an electric Smith-Corona. <3 There's something therapeutically simple about using a typewriter that helps my brain clear itself of all the daily crap and allows me to focus on my writing. I think the main reason is that there isn't any internet to distract me. All I have is keys, paper, and my imagination. Plus, a typewriter is just pretty damn awesome!
  • Did you always want to be an author? No, I didn't. Being an author almost came about by accident. I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do and majored in music with a concentration in cello performance simply because that's what I was somewhat good at. Between writing and ballet, I no longer have the time to play, but I still have my cello baby. Some day...
  • How did you become an author? My career as an author actually started out of tragedy. My mom was a huge reader and was the one who got me into reading. One day in college, I got the idea for The Lost Heir, and decided to write it for fun for my mom to read. But I'm a procrastinator, and I wrote it on and off for 9 years, hardly getting past the first 3rd of the book. Then, in April 2011, my mom died. The book was left unfinished, and she never got to read it. So, I decided to sit my ass in the chair and finish the book for her. I did, and once it was finished, I decided that I might as well try to get it published. Although mom never got to read it, it is dedicated to her, and that warms my heart.
  • Why is 'Embrace Your Crazy' your motto? From 'crazy' to 'cray-cray', I've been called many forms of crazy for simply being me. I used to try to conform and be what others wanted me to be, until I reached the ripe old age of 32. It was then that I finally came to terms with the fact that I was sick of trying to conform, and I was proud about all my quirks and unique qualities that caused others to call me crazy. So, I decided to take 'crazy' back. Instead of it being a derogatory word, I'm transforming it into the positive word it should be. It's not a negative word! It's a compliment. Being called 'crazy' means that someone is recognizing you for who you are. They might not like it, but you should! Be proud of that quality that instigated the word 'crazy'! Embrace it! Be yourself, and don't hide because someone else disagrees with your crazy. Because guess what, they have their crazy too. 😛 So, go ahead and #EmbraceYourCrazy!

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