Tools & Resources for Writers

Hello fellow writers! Welcome to the page on my website designed especially for you! I'm often asked what tools and resources I use for writing, publishing, and marketing. So, to help you on your writing and publishing journey, I've listed some of the resources, companies, and designers that I use and highly recommend!


Book Cover Designers & Artists


I receive many compliments on my book covers, and I'm often asked who designed them. All of my covers (except for Silevethiel!) were designed by Damonza. They create quality covers that attract attention and stay true to the book's genre. Be sure to check out their Pre-Made covers!

Book Mockups


Mark's mockups are the first I used, and I return to them regularly! Images throughout my site and social media were created using Mark's mockups. If you're new to mockups, I suggest visiting his CoverVault page where everything is free! If you want a larger collection with more customization for book widths, box sets, and hardbacks, I highly recommend CoverActionPro.


Once you have awesome covers, placing them in a creative, fun, and engaging image for your website, social media, and marketing is essential. I've used CoverActionsPremium for all of the images on my Books Page, as well as the main image in Upcoming Releases. The yearly membership gives you access to tons of possibilities, including boxed sets and series. Photoshop is required to use the mockups, but the action scripts are easy (and fun!) to use, and they produce great, eye-catching results.

Newsletter Services


Having a newsletter to send to readers is extremely important to help build your brand and gain a loyal and engaged following. I have used MailChimp to organize my subscribers and send emails since the beginning. It's a great tool and easy to use. I highly recommend!



I've used IngramSpark to publish 6 out of my 8 books. They're easy to use, distribute your book in print and eBook, print on demand in paperback & hardback in a plethora of sizes, and best of all, they distribute your books everywhere!

This places your book in major book wholesalers and distributors, which is where your books needs to be if you want it to be in libraries and bookstores.

The quality of the books printed through IngramSpark is excellent, and the distribution is great. I would highly recommend IngramSpark for any of you who are looking for a way to get your books in multiple places.

Aside from the Free Download of Instagram Hashtags, the above are affiliate links, so I receive a small portion of any related purchases or subscriptions, or a small credit to use on my personal accounts. I'm not making big bucks, but it's enough to buy some extra notebooks every once in a while! (And possibly some pens!) That being said, I regularly use all of the resources listed above and would not become their affiliate or recomment them to you if I did not believe in their products or services.