The Legacy of Ilvania, Book 2

The Mé'Draak are Ilvania's elite magical warriors, able to unleash powerful spells in defense of their country and their king. They're revered throughout the land, but they hold dark secrets that one young man risked his life to bring to light.

Now, in the wake of Jae's death, Juriel is determined to continue his work. But in doing so, she uncovers sickening horrors that link her family to an exiled Mé'Draak who has emerged from the shadows. Armed with a powerful army of his own, Poular is preparing to strike.

Juriel struggles to protect Ilvania from Poular's rage, but her efforts aren't enough. Poular's men have infiltrated the Mé'Draak and are relaying critical information back to their master. With each passing day, the order's security continues to unravel, and Juriel's standing among the Mé'Draak diminishes.

For every time she insists the enemy is walking among them, no one believes her.


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