Journey to a Zero Waste Life


After taking note of how much trash our family of 3 produces every week, I decided to make a conscious effort to reduce our amount of waste and work towards becoming a zero waste household. It's a huge undertaking, don't get me wrong, but reducing waste is something dear to my heart, and I'm looking forward to the journey!

Earlier this week, I purchased a box from Terracycle. It arrived today, and I'm thrilled to be able to unbox the box with you, tell you what it's all about, and share how it will help my family achieve our zero waste goals.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Terracycle, it's a company that specializes in recycling difficult to recycle items that would normally be thrown into the trash. They have different boxes you can purchase to recycle specific items, items from certain rooms in your home or office, and even a box you can stuff with items from every category. Boxes cost about $70 - $450 depending on which category box you choose, as well as the size.

Once you receive your box, you fill it with acceptable items, and send it back once it's full. (The box arrives with a prepaid shipping label already placed on it, so it doesn't cost you more in shipping.) They sort and process the box's contents to prepare for recycling or upcycling, depending on the material.

For my first box, I chose the small Office Supplies - Zero Waste box for $98. As you may know, I hand write everything, take all my notes by hand, and still use a typewriter, so I have a lot of empty pens/pencils/correction tape dispensers/etc. that normally gets tossed in the trash. In addition, our little monster has a lot off office waste from school and art projects, so he'll be able to reduce his waste as well!

The Office Supplies box can take binders, tape dispensers, staples, scissors, backing from labels, pens, hole punchers, dividers, etc. Basically anything from your office that isn't electronic! (Though there is a box for that too!)

It was extremely easy to put together, taking less than 20 seconds, and it's incredibly sturdy. It's fitted with a durable plastic bag on the inside to help prevent any contents from damaging the box. The small box (11 x 11 x 20) is a good size and will be suitable for most people's home office waste.

I'm so excited to begin my Terracycle journey and am looking forward to the moment when the box is full and I see how much waste I prevented from going into a landfill. There will certainly be a post to commemorate that occasion!

Are you trying to reduce your waste? What are your zero waste goals? Have you tried Terracycle? Share in the comments!

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