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Hi everyone! Between Balticon, starting a new WIP, and rehearsals for the ballet academy I teach at, I've fallen behind on blog posts for the beginning of June. But, I'm back and am excited to share some major news with you!

Silevethiel was released in audio book format on May 22nd and is available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes! (I don't have an iTunes account and find Apple's apps extremely confusing, so you'll have to trust me on that, as I can't provide a link. I'm not hip, I know.)

Silevethiel is the first of all my books to be released in audio (Jake Thornton should finish recording The Lost Heir this week) so it's a special moment for me and one I wasn't sure I'd ever reach when I began my self-publishing journey 6 years ago. Since I don't listen to audio books, I'd never considered releasing them, so thank you to all my fans & readers who requested audio and got the idea through my thick scull.

All of you who asked for my books in audio for when you're in the car, working out, cooking, etc. pushed me to explore and delve into the world of audio. Silevethiel 's audio book wouldn't be here without you! *sending you lots of virtual hugs*

I also want to thank Dan Caldwell for doing such a fantastic job in recording and producing Silevethiel. He truly brought the characters to life and did a great job capturing everyone's voices and personalities, especially my beloved lions. He's writing a blog post about his process of producing Silevethiel, so be sure to check back for that!

If you dig fantasy and are into audio books, check out Silevethiel. I mean, giant talking kitties with Celtic accents, witty humor, and a main character who speaks to the dead. What could be better?!

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