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Hello! Welcome to the world of Ilvania! This series has been through a number of changes over the years, starting as short stories, to a standalone novel, to finally a series of novellas. Because it took me a while to find this story's place, I feel like the journey has really helped me grow and evolve as a writer. Novellas are a different beast all together from full-length books, and I've learned a great deal from the process.

I'm often asked who my favorite character is that I've created, and while I can't single out one character, I think the characters in Ilvania have a deepness to them that most of the others don't. I feel an unmistakable connection to Jae, Juriel, and even Kint, that isn't present with my other characters. When I say connection, I don't mean that I've experienced similar situations. I mean an empathetic connection.

They've all experienced a level of trauma and abuse that I want to believe could never happen. But it does. It exists here on Earth.

Many of the characters' experiences were difficult to write, but I couldn't turn away. I couldn't turn my back on them. I told their stories. In doing so, I brought awareness to the issues of domestic, physical, and sexual abuse.

You'll notice the novellas in this series are different than those in Dragonath and Vaelinel. Now, you understand why.