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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my Vaelinel series. It's my more traditional epic fantasy series featuring one of my favorite characters: ELVES! But, the fun comes in with the addition of lions who speak telepathically to a select few among the Wood Elves.

Although I didn't write this series specifically for Young Adult readers, it is perfectly acceptable for that age group. In fact, Silevethiel, won the New Apple Official Selection for Young Adult! I don't believe in hiding or glossing over more difficult topics for readers of any age, so after I realized the suitability for Young Adult readers, I made sure to keep the level of openness in The Speaker and A Prophecy Fulfilled.

Many of the characters deal with painful and debilitating situations, such as the murder of a parent, and subsequently, they fully share their grief and coping process with the reader. Depression, intense feelings of guilt, and thoughts of suicide are some of the things the readers will glimpse, but the sense of community, love, and support between the characters provides a boost to those suffering.

Early on, the reader will discover how much the characters truly care about one another, and how that love and kindness turns out to be their saving grace. This isn't a story about one character rising up to be the world's savior. It's a story about a group of characters coming to realize that one among them isn't more important than another. It's a reminder that to truly make a difference in this world, we must all work together.

~ Andi

"A fresh adventure novel sure to enchant a wide range of fantasy fans." ~ Kirkus Reviews (starred review) for Silevethiel

"A continually fascinating tale with a protagonist who charms, inspires, and evolves." ~Kirkus Reviews for The Speaker

"The prose is powerfully descriptive and richly atmospheric." ~Indie Book Reviews for Silevethiel

"The thrilling conclusion and feminist touches bode will for the trilogy's finale." ~Red City Review for The Speaker

"O'Connor offers us a magical world a feisty heroine, a company of faithful adventurers and a villain who is at once, completely evil and oddly sympathetic..." ~Goodreads Reviewer for A Prophecy Fulfilled


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