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Why You Should Have an Author Newsletter

If you're a writer, you've probably heard everyone under the sun tell you that you should have an author newsletter. Well, I'm here to tell you that they're absolutely right. You should have an author newsletter, but many others don't explain why having a newsletter and mailing list is so important.

Many think that because they're active on various social media platforms, they don't need an author newsletter. If you think about it, it does seem like a newsletter would be a slower and more redundant way to get information and updates to your readers.

And while a newsletter might indeed be slower in terms of how often it's released to your subscribers, it doesn't mean that it's worthless. Just because a newsletter isn't sent as frequently as posts to Instagram or Facebook, doesn't mean it can't be just as effective in creating and building relationships with your readers.

In fact, as far as meaningful relationships are concerned, as newsletter can be much more effective than all your Twitter posts and instagram stories combined.

OK, maybe I exaggerated slightly. But only slightly.

What makes newsletters different from your social media posts is the people who receive them.

Your newsletter subscribers don't scroll through their feed, like your post because the picture caught their attention, and then keep scrolling without actually reading what you had to say.

They went out of their way to sign up for your newsletter.

They're genuinely interested in what you have to say and want to engage with you. Yes, some subscribers can (and will) lose interest, but most of them are genuinely ready to build a relationship with you and will stick by you until the end.

And that's extremely important.

Start Your Author Newsletter with MailChimp!

I've used MailChimp for years. It's easy to use for beginners, but it also has great tools for the more experienced users to help you get the most out of your newsletter. I would definitely recommend it if you're thinking of starting an author newsletter!

Also, be sure to check out my For Writers page where I share with you businesses and tools that I use and that I hope will make navigating your writing journey easier!


It won't happen overnight, but your newsletter subscribers will eventually become your Power Fans.

These are the people who will become your most loyal readers. They're the ones who will eventually buy all your books, wait anxiously for your next release, and viciously protect signed copies of your books with the blood of their first-born.

Your Power Fans will come to look forward to your newsletters. They'll read what you have to say. They'll take interest in your experiences and your ideas. They'll become valued beta-readers and will reply to your questions and calls for their feedback.

Given time, your newsletter subscribers will become your biggest supporters and will help to lift you up on your journey as an author. Creating an author newsletter and building your subscribers and Power Fans takes time, openness, and a great deal of communication, but the efforts are worth it!

Do you have an author newsletter? Have you found it useful? Do your subscribers engage with you? Do you wish you could get anything more out of your newsletter? 

Share in the comments!

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